With American Heart Month fast approaching, we are shifting our focus to the importance of personal health and wellness in our daily lives. Some of us will find ways to develop healthier habits and eventually, lifestyle. But what we want to highlight here is the importance of the well-being of your personal vehicle as well because like your body, your vehicle requires proper care and maintenance. 

Think about it. How many hours a day/week/month do you spend in your car? How many miles do you drive? Do you have a long commute? Are you embarking on road trips, opting out of plane rides, a bit more these days? For us personally, we know some of our team fall into the "too many hours" "a lot of miles" "yes" and "yes" categories, which reinforces why the well-being of your personal vehicle is also so important. If we spend a great deal of time or have precious cargo inside our cars, then making sure they are in tip-top shape and peak performance is key.

Here are our Top 5 Service Tips & Reminders from our Avondale Service Directors at Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and our Premier Collection to keep in mind, as you drive through 2021:

1. Maintain Your Battery Health 

According to our Director of Fixed Operations, Terry, the best way to find out whether your battery is in good condition is by performing battery testing, which is a measure of the energy your battery can store. This test helps determine where in its lifecycle the battery is and if you're nearing or needing a replacement.

For our premier brands, your new purchase will come equipped with a battery tender, which comes in handy when you may not be driving your vehicle regularly. Hooking up your battery tender when not using your vehicle regularly will help maintain the battery at the proper charge.

2. Watch for Dirt Build-Up To Avoid Poor Air Filtration 

If the air filter is not changed regularly, the trapped dirt will close or clog the pores in the filter and restrict airflow.  As dirt builds up, the filter's efficiency to trap dirt will actually, increase, but the buildup of dirt then also makes it harder for clean air to pass through the air and cabin filters.

3. Just Because You Can't See It, Doesn't Mean It Should Be Ignored

This one comes from our Porsche Service Director Denette. Have you ever checked to see what your radiator looks like after months of use? In the shop, when we assess the radiator you would be surprised about how much we find that needs to be removed from the radiator.  It is actually recommended by Porsche to clean your front radiators at least once annually to remove build-up that can affect engine cooling.  While you are able to clean the front Condensers by hand or with a shop vacuum, the hidden debris between the condensers and radiators is where you will find a surprising amount of debris.  

3. Keep Your Fluids Full

Open the hood of your car, and you'll see a nest of hoses and reservoirs filled with fluids, each engineered specifically to fulfill a role. Each hose is just one small part of a much larger picture, so be sure to have fluid levels checked regularly and quickly replenished if any levels are low.

4. Alignments Every 10,000 Miles*

Our vehicles, from Porsche to Mercedes-Benz to McLaren and Rolls-Royce are finely tuned machines, and this includes the suspension. Ensuring you schedule consistent alignments & rotations/balances will help keep your vehicle's drive at the level it was designed for while also distributing the wear on your tires evenly. Depending on your habits and driving style, you may need more or fewer alignments, but a good benchmark is to schedule one about every 10,000 miles for your daily driver.*

5. Do Not Avoid Your Annual or Regular Maintenances 

These vehicles have particular standards of performance set out by the manufacturers, and our teams are certified and properly equipped to ensure your vehicle maintains this performance level throughout your ownership experience. This could be in how your car drives and/or even going as far as ensuring the safety features built into your vehicle's design is functioning properly. Here are few specific recommendations from our Premier Manufacturers on maintenance: 

Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, and Aston Martin all suggest at least one annual maintenance, even if your vehicle doesn't reach the standard mileage requirements. 

McLaren recommends the same, but also requires pre and post track inspections to be performed at a McLaren Retailer ( like McLaren Dallas). 

BONUS TIP: Choosing a certified service center and collision center are VERY important when major repairs or maintenance are being performed. At the heart of this statement is your safety, and we mean that. Our manufacturers have very specifically designed vehicles with particular parts and processes and when repairs are made using non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer - ex. Porsche) parts, you are sacrificing the overall safety and value of your vehicle. Our goal at Avondale Collision & Repair and our Service Centers are to perform repairs properly the first time and ensure you leave us feeling as safe as possible in your vehicle. 

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